Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I won! I won!

On a whim, while reading @phdinparenting's blog, I entered her contest to win a Bravado Nursing bra, because I desperately need a new bra (seriously - I'm pretty sure they used to be higher than my floating ribs), but really really can't afford one right now given that winter boot season will be upon us soon.

Never thought I'd win. I never win anything.

But win it I did!

I am SO buying a lotto ticket on my way home tonight, 'cuz this never happens.
Beyond thrilled. I might even have to change my profile write-up, because now I can no longer claim 'stupidly unlucky'.

And yes - it's 'just a bra', not a million dollars, but a free bra is still a lot more than I had 2 hrs ago.


  1. A good bra, especially a free one, is worth way more than a million dollars!

  2. I love the desiption of your tah tah's it reminded me of the time my 3 year old saw me in the shower and said. "Mommy your best go down!"