Friday, July 10, 2009

You mean I have to do it again?

Didn't I just write something?

You mean I'm supposed to do this on a regular basis?

(Yes, I swore. I do it a lot. Sue me. [But don't really, because there's no point. Remember, I'm a single mom - my assets are called 'dry wit' and 'organizational wizardry'.])

I would venture a guess that if you are looking for a daily blog from yours truly, you will be fabulously disappointed. I just can't spend that much of my work day not working. And I'm sorry, but once I'm home with the boo (a.k.a. F), I'm not sitting down for more than a 140 character tweet. Time is simply too precious.
But I will do my very best to come here and tell you some inanity that you probably don't care about at all, as often as I can get away with.

Today's issue (aside from the above): whether or not to attend an outdoor concert tonight with F... I'm pretty sure I've decided to miss it (for the reasons I give far more information about than anyone could possibly want, below), but knowing me, there are at least 2 or 3 more mind-changes to go through before I settle on a final decision.

You see - F has finally, FINALLY, settled into a good sleep pattern. This has been a long time coming, lemme tell you. I've waited years. Well.. A year. But it was a long one. I've been telling people since he was born that he's a great kid, who sleeps for shit [again with the swearing... tsk tsk.] But recently he has started sleeping for at least 6 hours in a row, and sometimes from bedtime (7ish) to 5:15 the next morning! This is amazing, considering just a month ago he was waking up every two hours, AT LEAST, from 10pm on. Even more amazing, I didn't have to resort to CIO. Apparently, all you need to do is to get to the point where you BUY the CIO book (in tears yourself, don't ya know), and the kid sees what's coming and shapes up. Must remember this lesson next time he gets it in his head that he's in charge... "I'll do it... I'll buy a BOOK." But I digress - he is sleeping and it's wonderful. I haven't even told many people about it yet - too scared to jinx it - so is it too soon in this new habit/behaviour to test it with a late night?

Besides this issue, there's the whole "will I even have fun at this outdoor concert close to a major intersection with my cranky and ambulatory child?" question. My gut says 'no'. But my desire to see two of my favourite bands from my youth play for FREE is telling my gut to shut the hell up.

It's the Proclaimers, dammit!
Followed by Arrested Development! (the band, not the TV show by the same name. Though I also really enjoyed the TV show.)

But... sleep.
And there won't be any parking downtown on a Friday night during a major music festival, so there's the bus or walk to consider too. Walking there - not so bad. Walking back, tired baby, tired mom, and masses of people wondering wtf you're doing out on a Friday night after dark with a STROLLER, and on THEIR sidewalk, dammit...


Looks like another Friday night in.

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