Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blogging, eh? Sure, why not.

So now that F is one, and I'm back at work full-time after a year of maternity leave (yay Canada!), I'm thinking... blog.

I already have a tendency to treat Facebook and Twitter as a short-form blog - blog posts in 140 characters or less! - so it might not be too much of a stretch to flush out my updates and notes to paragraph form. I guess we'll see. I must admit a tendency to start things and never finish... [stops, and thinks of all the beautiful diaries and journals she has owned, with one or two sad lonely entries] and I'm not entirely sure I have much to say on a regular basis - that's fit for human consumption, that is - but what the hay.

In retrospect - F's first year would likely have been much more interesting to blog about: all the major firsts, the BRUTAL (and largely on-going) sleep deprivation, the crawling at 6 months and the walking before 1 year (yes, that's right - I have a V.A.B. [Very Advanced Baby], folks. I'm not going to lie - he's brilliant, beautiful and incredibly physically gifted. It's also possible that I'm a wee bit biased), but F's father (from this day forward to be known as DBD - DeadBeatDad) always referred to blogs as ‘big logs' (as in: poop), which, weirdly, prevented me from trying out the medium. By the way - in addition to my tendency to not finish things I start - I also actually *enjoy* run-on sentences. I use a lot of parentheses (of various kinds) and long dashes, to attempt to help you parse them, but really - I'm just verbose. Apologies to your taxed brains.

Anyhow - a little more about me, since this is to some extent, an introduction: As I said - I'm now back at work (this is week 2, and I've already applied for other jobs while here, *and* started a blog - I have an awesome work ethic, obviously) and F is in daycare. We are a lovely little family of 2, with a crapload of wonderful friends and extended family around. We live in downtown Ottawa in a small (but adequate) apartment - we're not the kind of downtown family who owns a gorgeous old house with a BMW parked outside it, but I'm ok with that (most of the time) - and I work (admin) for a non-profit organization. F's father (DBD) is not in the picture at all - his choice - and at the moment isn't even contributing child support, thus his name change from the former ‘jerkface' to ‘DBD'. (I do hope to be able to go back to using ‘jerkface' someday, when he lives up to his responsibility and supports his child. The non-payment of support is just the icing on the top of the jerkiness cake. Boy, can I pick ‘em.)

I am a relatively positive person, with the uncanny ability to engage in catastrophic and panicked hypothesizing while still thinking that things will be ok eventually. My boy is my great joy, and my most entertaining and nerve-wracking challenge, and in case you were wondering - I actually think I've got it *easier* in a lot of ways, raising him alone.

I am his sole parent - not a single parent ½ the time - and he is [the best?] part of my soul.

Nutshell, meet Sarah.

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